Seated Acupressure

Testimonials and an Introduction to Seated Acupressure:

I found the seated acupressure extremely relaxing, more so than you would have thought for such a short treatment.  I came away feeling relaxed and ready to take the world on after possibly a short nap first :-) I have had three treatments now with Jason Stone, all of which have been excellent.  I can’t praise him enough and I will certainly be going back to him for more treatments in the future. Jason Stone is an extremely competent professional and I would highly recommend his treatments to anyone.  Thanks very much Jason from Vicki in Whitefield

Jason knew  the best treatment for me and talked me through everything as he went.  This made me understand the treatment and I was able to see how I responded to this.  I would definitely recommend Jason Stone.  The whole experience was beneficial and Jason’s knowledge and skill made the experience even more enjoyable. Lynsey

What is seated acupressure/ On-Site Seated Chair Massage?

Chair massage focuses on the upper body areas that often cause problems for people who sit at a desk or use a computer keyboard.

Chair massage can help prevent or relieve carpal tunnel syndrome, tension headaches, neck pain, and back problems.

This massage technique can be performed anywhere since you don’t need to undress and it doesn’t require oils. For example: home, shopping centre, trade shows, festivals, charity events and even at work in your normal work attire.

Instead of using a table, the massage takes place in a specially designed portable massage chair provided by the massage therapist.

Leaning forward in the chair allows you to relax completely with your head resting in a comfy face cradle lined with a soft, disposable cloth cover. 

What are the benefits?

Seated Acupressure helps to relieve:

Muscle Tension
Neck and shoulder aches and pains
Mental Fatigue
Repetitive Strain Injury

Corporate On-Site Chair Massage/Seated Acupressure – The Rationale!

A growing number of businesses are providing massage as part of their employee wellness programs.

Businesses know that having healthy employees translates into increased competitiveness in the marketplace. Workers that are healthy and well contribute to a company’s productivity – and that means profits.

Many employers are noting the positive effects of an on-site massage program as part of their wellness program. Moreover, they have found massage to be a cost-effective benefit, the cost of which employees are willing to share.

LokoVita’s on-site chair massage program allows your company to be on the cutting edge of bringing the benefits of massage to the workplace.

On-site massage is becoming one of the fastest growing employee wellness benefits that companies offer. It is a safe, convenient, cost-effective program that boosts employee morale and provides valuable health benefits. On-site chair massage is available to all sizes and types of businesses from small offices to large corporations.

On-site massage does not require a private room and can be offered at the workstation, in a conference or work room.

The length of a massage session is 10-15 minutes, the length of a typical work break.

 What are the benefits for you!

Increases staff productivity 
Reduces staff sick days/absenteeism
Rewards employees and increases their loyalty
Improves job satisfaction
Helps to maintain a healthy staff

Benefits to employees!

Relieves stress, muscle tension, stiffness, mental fatigue, and back, neck & shoulder aches and pains
Improves focus, creativity and problem-solving ability
Heightens employees’ sense of being valued and appreciated
Releases natural, feel-good endorphins
Reduces risk of RSI (repetitive strain Injury)


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