Weight Management/Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

I’d like you to begin by asking yourself this question – How do I feel about my present weight? Don’t rush the answer! Take time to sense the emotions that come to the surface. If negative thoughts such as, unhappiness, embarrassment, self-hatred, blame, disgust, guilt or poor self-esteem emerge then perhaps you might want to consider weight management hypnotherapy and life coaching.

Being over-weight can cause a lot of pain. This pain can be felt at both the physical and emotional level.

Physically it can contribute to conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Carrying around excess body fat can cause tiredness and a lack of energy. However, very little attention is paid to the emotional consequences of being overweight.

At the emotional level, genuine psychological pain is felt as the negative effects on self-confidence and self-esteem begin to bubble to the surface. The erosion of self-confidence/esteem can be manifested in a number of ways, such as:

  • Feelings of embarrassment and being uncomfortable about your weight
  • Avoiding certain activities like swimming or going out socially
  • Wearing loose and baggy clothes when you would rather wear something more stylish and that you really like
  • Avoiding having a relationship
  • Difficulties in relationships due to a lack of self-respect and self-love.
  • Self-hatred
  • Shame
  • Guilt.

Short Term Successes-Lifestyle Choice

At LokoVita, we recognise the importance of diet and exercise in effective weight management. However, if your overeating and addiction to food is not explored, and the causes uncovered at the emotional level, then it’s very unlikely that your short term successes will become your long term lifestyle choice.

Food can be used as an emotional ‘crutch’ for a variety of reasons. For example, when you are:
  • Anxious
  • Bored
  • Stressed
  • Unhappy
  • Hurt
  • Depressed
  • Lonely

Being aware of these ‘triggers’ can be the first steps on the road to success.

Using food as a means to ‘numb’ the negative thoughts and feelings in your life can be an indication that certain eating habits are out of control.

However, you are not your behaviour and the good news is that behaviour patterns can be changed.

We want to help you break the vicious circle of eating to make you feel better, which in turn causes you to feel bad about yourself, which then causes you to overeat again.

The life you want doesn’t have to be a dream. At LokoVita we can help you make it a reality.

Live your life the LokoVita way – Your Life, Your Way.


I am ready to take ACTION and make changes in my life?

                                                                                              Maybe   /   Yes   /   No             

If you answered ‘yes’ or ‘maybe’ then it’s time to take some action! Get in touch and begin to create the life you want!     





About Jason Stone

LokoVita is run by Jason Stone, his background is in education. He holds both graduate and post-graduate qualifications including a BSc degree, Post Graduate Certificate In Education, Diploma in Life Coaching, Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Diploma in Thai Foot Massage, Diploma in Indian Head Massage, Diploma in Seated Acupressure and a Diploma in Natural Lift Facial Massage/Facial Rejuvenation.
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