Spiritual Matters

Spiritual coaching is not necessarily about institutional or organised religion. For a lot of people it may not depend on traditional notions of any god.Many people today are disillusioned with their lives and often wonder ‘what’s this all about?’ This type of coaching helps you find the answer to that question.

So what is spiritual coaching?

Spiritual coaching is about life change at a deeper level. Spiritual coaching differs from regular life coaching in the following way. When we think of life coaching we could say that it enables us to change aspects of our lives e.g. career, relationships or finances and reach the goals we have set ourselves.

Spiritual coaching caters for those people who want to delve a little deeper; to seek answers to the question – What qualities do I want in my life? Qualities such as: contentment, fulfilment, inner peace and many more.

It’s about helping you to discover who you really are, and in doing so, bring purpose and meaning to your life, even in events that cause you so such pain, for example, illness, grief and death.

For some, this may be about putting into practice some of the techniques used by today’s’ spiritual masters.’ For others, they may wish to follow a more familiar route.

Whatever your preference, Jason is well qualified to assist you in this aspect of life coaching. Unlike other coaches, he has a Diploma in Theology (with commendation). He has studied and explored a variety of spiritual practices and has uncovered solutions to many of today’s problems and unanswered questions.

Jason also holds a National Certificate in Philosophical Studies (with distinction). He has a vast knowledge of the various strands of philosophy and their attempt to provide answers to the human search for meaning.

If you’re searching for a deeper understanding of yourself then spiritual coaching may be for you!

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